Wedding Music

Wedding clients can listen to excerpts of my most-requested processional and recessional pieces here. I recommend choosing one piece for the bride's processional, one piece for the processional of everyone else in your wedding party (or keep it simple and pick one piece for the entire processional), and one piece for recessional. You can also certainly pick a piece from the processional list for your recessional, and vice versa - there's no rules here! I will usually include some of these in my prelude music as well.

Below, you'll find traditional/classical pieces, and then keep scrolling for some pop selections (these can be good for either processional or recessional, depending on what you like).

More options are available, and I can also accommodate special requests (including pop/jazz/rock songs) if negotiated at the time of booking.

For Prelude and/or cocktail hour music, I will typically play a mix of elegant classical selections, English Country Dance tunes, and pop songs.