Listen / Discography

Kristen has performed on over 50 recordings with her own bands and other artists in a wide range of genres (see below for complete discography, and a Spotify playlist of some of these tracks). Kristen also has some of her own recordings available for download on her Bandcamp page; here are a few:

Here's a Spotify Playlist of some of these tracks:

ilyAIMY (i love you And I Miss You)
- cicada (cello, electric cello, vocals, steel pan, accordion)
- Another Life/Another Live (cello, electric cello, vocals)
- A Gift For St. Cecelia (cello)
- Live At the New Deal Cafe (electric cello, vocals)
- Chords of Courage (cello, steel pan)
Lulu's Fate
- The Cowpalace Sessions (cello, electric cello, vocals)
- The Blackest Crow (cello, electric cello, vocals) **Best Debut Recording 2014, Washington Area Music Association**
50 Man Machine
- Live At Whitlow's (steel pan, electric cello)
Tom Espinola
- Noises From the Attic (cello)
Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
- Bon Appetit! (steel drums & arrangement) **GRAMMY Winner 2004 Best Children's Album**
We're About 9
- Future Pilot (cello)
- Let You In (cello, steel pan)
- While I'm Here (cello)
- Stone By Stone (cello)
Mosno Al-Moseeki
- Novella: A Love Letter To Culture Clash (cello)
- The Un-Genre (cello)
- No Kingdom (cello) - Faisal Goes West soundtrack
Russ Arlotta
- For the Heart to Learn (cello, vocals)
- Untitled project (cello)
- Little Falls (cello)
David Potts-Dupre
- They Speak At Night (cello)
- Untitled project (cello)
Heather Aubrey Lloyd:
- The Lucky Ones (cello, electric cello)
- A Tiding (cello)
- The Habit Of Fear (cello)
Lynn Hollyfield
- In the Balance (cello) 
- Sleep Won't Come (cello)
Kevin Marvelle
- Wandering The Streets (cello, electric cellos, steel pan, vocals)
- Yes We Can (vocals)
- Not Your Mama's Hymns (cello) - Come, Come, Whoever You Are & Amazing Grace
Jason Reid
- The Butterfly and the Leaf (cello)
- Island Creek (cello)